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The Garden


San Remo’s extraordinary climate contributes to the acclimatization of our many tropical botanical species.

As you arrive at our hotel, you are welcomed into our inviting lobby which is surrounding by a magnificent greenhouse which is host to two amazing species of Monstera, a tropical Latin American plant of great leaves and exposed roots.  Once inside the greenhouse, you’ll marvel at the Philodendron plants, Howea Forseteriana (also known as Kenties) and an elegant Ficus Lyrata.

The gardens which surround our main building are home to Phoenix Canariensis from the Canary Islands. At 25 years old, these are between three and five meters in height. Several colourful and wonderfully scented Datura flowers, a great Ficus tree and Magnolia Grandiflora also call our garden home.

Adorning the front entrance to our restaurant are species of Cicas Revulta, from Asia; a Banano from Northern Africa, Opuntia Ficus-Indica, also known as the cactus flower from Mexico and which produces delicious fruits, courtesy of the micro-climate of the Riviera, complete your pleasing and visual welcome into our restaurant.

Several species of Washingtonia Filifera, which at 15 years old tower over 7 meters in height and are from Mexico and California, as well as many Agave species which is a typical plant found in North American deserts, are found in our garden surrounding the majestic fountain.

Our resort extends onto two nearby parcels of land that both boast different eras in history. Around the swimming pool there is a botanical garden created around 1870 that once was part of a Villa owned by a British Minister.

Further enriching our gardens are ten centennial palm trees of the Phoenix Canariensis variety, ranging from 10 – 15 meters tall, and a Brahea Armata, also known as a Blue palm tree, which produce flowers on a bi-annual basis.

Surrounding the children’s playground like a picture frame are three magnificent Eucalyptus trees originally from Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea.

Near the majestic centennial trees, several other rare species that have now been acclimatized can be found such as a splendid Straelitia Augusta, which at three meters tall produces a beautiful white flower; several bushes of Straelitia Reginae from South Africa, which boasts a classic orange color and is also known as a Bird of Paradise; and Callistemon plants from Australia that proudly display a unique and glorious red flower.

Exotic plant lovers will be thrilled to find several species of Euphorbia Eritrea plants with heights of nearly 10 meters, Aloe Vera bushes and several different cactuses.

Your senses will reach new heights with Ligurian aromas of great rosemary, salvia, lavender and mint bushes. Beautiful roses can be found next to our fountain.

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